Guidelines for Digital Newspaper Collection Preservation Readiness

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The Chronicles in Preservation project produced a set of Guidelines for digital newspapers that explicitly differentiate between the essential and the optimal in preservation readiness activities and that document the incremental steps that institutions may take to move from the essential to the optimal level of preservation readiness in their local environments.

Download the Guidelines

The Guidelines are available as a freely available PDF.

Contribute to the Guidelines

We are also making the full text of the Guidelines available for public editing through this wiki. If you'd like to contribute, sign up for an editing account.

In this wiki version of the Guidelines, we have linked as many tools as possible tools to their corresponding entries on Community Owned digital Preservation Tool Registry (COPTR), a central registry both to track the maintenance of digital preservation tools and to share experiences with those tools. We encourage users of the Guidelines to contribute to that resource as well.

  1. Introduction
  2. About the Guidelines
  3. Inventorying Digital Newspapers for Preservation
  4. Organizing Digital Newspapers for Preservation
  5. Format Management for Digital Newspapers
  6. Metadata Packaging for Digital Newspapers
  7. Checksum Management for Digital Newspapers
  8. Packaging Digital Newspapers for Preservation
  9. Additional Considerations
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