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Thank you for your interest in the public review of the ETD Lifecycle Management Tools, part of an IMLS grant to research the curation of ETDs.


We are testing 7 tools for ETD Lifecycle Management:

  • Virus Checking - Submitted ETD's may contain viruses that could damage the entire collection if not screened in advance.
    • ClamAV - An open-source command-line utility to scan files for viruses.
  • File Format Identification - Knowledge of the formats used in an ETD can help a program determine whether the package adheres to program requirements and what software will be necessary to access the data in the future.
    • DROID - A Java-based open-source graphical utility to identify a file's format.
    • FITS - An open-source command-line utility to identify a file's format by bundling several other format identification tools.
    • file - A system-level command-line utility to identify a file's format.
    • JHOVE2 - A Java-based open-source command-line utility to identify a file's format.
  • Preservation Metadata - Actions taken during curation should be recorded in order to track their success and failure.
    • PREMIS Event Service - A Python Django-based open-source utility to record curation actions performed by software as preservation metadata.
  • ETD Submission - Submissions systems allow for standardized metadata collection and provide an entry point into an ETD workflow.
    • ETD Drop - A Python Django-based open-source web interface to accept ETD components and bundle them into packages with fixity and format metadata.

[test-2|Register to review the tools]

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