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Thank you for your interest in the public review of the ETD Lifecycle Management Tools, part of an IMLS grant to research the curation of ETDs.


We are testing 7 tools for ETD Lifecycle Management:

  • Virus Checking - Submitted ETD's may contain viruses that could damage the entire collection if not screened in advance.
    • ClamAV - An open-source command-line utility to scan files for viruses.
  • File Format Identification - Knowledge of the formats used in an ETD can help a program determine whether the package adheres to program requirements and what software will be necessary to access the data in the future.
    • DROID - A Java-based open-source graphical utility to identify a file's format.
    • FITS - An open-source command-line utility to identify a file's format by bundling several other format identification tools.
    • file - A system-level command-line utility to identify a file's format.
    • JHOVE2 - A Java-based open-source command-line utility to identify a file's format.
  • Preservation Metadata - Actions taken during curation should be recorded in order to track their success and failure.
    • PREMIS Event Service - A Python Django-based open-source utility to record curation actions performed by software as preservation metadata.
  • ETD Submission - Submissions systems allow for standardized metadata collection and provide an entry point into an ETD workflow.
    • ETD Drop - A Python Django-based open-source web interface to accept ETD components and bundle them into packages with fixity and format metadata.

Review Process

By submitting your contact information you are agreeing to test the implementation and usage of one or more of the above tools within your ETD program environment. The project team will follow up with you upon receipt of your contact information to provide you with our usage manual that includes links to the various tools. In addition to your contact information, we are asking a few brief questions to gather baseline information for evaluation required by the IMLS.

Finally, we are offering free one-on-one technical support and implementation consultations as needed through September 2014, so please don’t hesitate to contact Matt Schultz (matt.schultz@metaarchive.org) if you would like assistance implementing the tools. After 1-month we will follow up with an assessment survey to gauge success and/or any needed improvements.

Thank you!

Registration Form

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