Lifecycle Management Tools

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This is a placeholder workspace for draft and final documents related to this project deliverable.

About the Lifecycle Management Tools

The project will develop and disseminate a set of software tools to address specific needs in managing ETDs throughout their lifecycle. These tools will be created as completely modular micro-services, i.e. single function standalone services that that can be used alone or incorporated into larger repository systems. Micro- services for digital curation functions are a new approach to system integration pioneered by the California Digital Library and the Library of Congress, and subsequently adopted by the University of North Texas, Chronopolis, MetaArchive, and other digital preservation repositories.

The micro-services listed below will be relatively simple to construct, as they are primarily based on the idea of being able to call other existing open source software tools.

  • ETD Format Recognition
  • PREMIS Metadata Event Record-keeping
  • Virus Checking
  • Digital Drop Box with Metadata Submission Functionality
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