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2013 NDLTD Survey ReportBill DonovanBriefing on Access Levels and Embargoes of ETDs
Briefing on ETD Copyright Issues and Fair UseDaniel AlemnehEducation Materials and Associated Workshop
Format Recognition Tools Documentation for ETDsFriday, August 24th MeetingFriday, December 14th Meeting
Friday, February 22nd MeetingFriday, February 8th MeetingFriday, January 11th Meeting
Friday, January 25th MeetingFriday, July 27th MeetingFriday, June 29th Meeting
Friday, March 29th MeetingFriday, March 8th MeetingFriday, May 18th Meeting
Friday, November 16th MeetingFriday, November 2nd MeetingFriday, November 30th Meeting
Friday, October 19th MeetingGail McMillanGeneva Henry
Guidance Documents for Lifecycle Management of ETDsGuide to ETD Cost and PlanningGuide to Options for ETD Programs
Guidelines for Implementing ETD ProgramsGuidelines for Metrics and Value for ETDsIMLS ETD Project Bibliography
IMLS ETD Project OutreachIntroduction to ETDs and Guidance DocumentsKatherine Skinner
Lifecycle Management ToolsLifecycle Management of ETDs: Impacts and OutcomesMain Page
Martin HalbertMatt SchultzMetadata for ETDs v1
Options for ETDs v1 hereOverview of Formats Objects and Migration for ETDsOverview of Formats Objects and Migration for ETDs 1
Overview of PREMIS Metadata and Recordkeeping for ETDsPREMIS Event Service DocumentationPatricia Hswe
Request ToolsShannon StarkStephen Eisenhauer
TestTest-2Virus Checking Documentation for ETDs
Wednesday, September 19th MeetingXiaocan WangYan Han
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