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About the Lifecycle Management Tools

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) funded Lifecycle Management of ETDs project is pleased to make available to ETD programs a series of Lifecycle Management Tools. The tools cover four major areas of lifecycle curation for ETDs, including:

  • Virus Checking: Submitted ETD's may contain viruses that could damage the entire collection if not screened in advance. We provide instructions for using ClamAv.
  • File Format Identification: Knowledge of the formats used in an ETD can help a program determine whether an ETD submission (particularly supplemental files) adheres to program requirements and what software will be necessary to access the data in the future. We provide instructions for using DROID, FITS, JHOVE2 & the Unix file command.
  • Preservation Metadata: Actions taken during curation should be recorded in order to track their success and failure. We provide instructions for using the new PREMIS Event Service.
  • ETD Submission: Submissions systems can range from simple to complex, but at their most basic should allow for simple upload, standardized metadata collection, and facilitate on-going ETD workflows into an institutional repository. We provide instructions for using the new ETD Drop application.

Get the Tools

The Lifecycle Management Tools are open source and freely available. Request using the link below to receive our usage manual which includes well-described use cases and instructions for downloading and using the Tools. Thank you!

Request to receive the tools

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